Grab your firefighter outfit and be ready for duty. Because every town needs a firehouse! Rush out of the station to douse the blazing inferno next door!

Beauty Salon

Children can try on different costumes and with ready hair mannequins, beauty salon aprons, and all the necessary items to give the mannequins a complete makeover. The Beauty Boutique will bring out the fashionista in everyone!

Sweet Home

There's no place like home. At Sweet Home, children can do all the things they watch parents do at home. They can care for the baby, by giving her a bath, iron her clothes and feed her with the milk bottle, and maybe even entertain visitors. Sweet Home House will make every child feel at home.

Grocery Store

Push your shopping cart and head to our grocery store! You will find a healthy selection from fruits and vegetables also a real grocery food boxes and bottles.


Want to watch your favorite TV show? Want to play with music instruments and make some noise? Want to sing loud in our microphone? Come to the upstairs theater room.

Car Track

Ready, set go! Set in your car, put your seat belt on and follow the traffic lights and signs. And be careful of the pedestrian crossing the street.

Trampoline & Soft Climbing Frames

Full of Energy? You can jump on the trampoline, climb up and slide down in the ball pool. Come over many obstacles and challenges.

Foot Ball Area

Goal! Goal! Goal! Get your soft football and run on the soft grass then shot the ball in to the goal!

Art & Craft Station

Unleash your imagination! Draw and paint with different brush and colors. Make a messy and create something special. Play with play dough and crafts materials.

Birthday Area

We got all what you need: Balloon Decoration, Party Hostess, Goody Gifts, Clown, Balloon Bending, Bubble Machine, Music System, Bouncy Castle, Mascot, Face Painting, Nail Art, and Party Games.